Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Nitro One black barbell - Industrial Athletic

Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Nitro One black barbell

Rob Holah is back with an excellent chat on our most recent barbell offering – the Nitro One in black hard chrome.

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Today we’re going to be talking about the latest offering from Industrial Athletic which is our Nitro One barbell. The reason for this barbell was because we were starting to get a lot of pressure from people to have something that was a little bit more unique. Quite often with barbells it’s easy to make something look the same. Same coating, same colour scheme, even the same end caps to a point.

We’ll start with how we chose the name – so the Nitro One purely refers to ‘one bar to rule them all’. It’s an all round bar, it’s not a specific bar: it’s not a dedicated olympic weightlifting bar, it’s not a dedicated power lifting bar, it’s not a dedicated gym bar. It is a bar that encompasses the best qualities of all of those bars.

One of the main features of our functional fitness, CrossFit, ‘all round’ barbells, is that they have oil impregnated bronze bushings rather than bearings. Bronze bushings, coupled with the shaft and a really tight tolerance gives a really smooth barbell with a really low sound. They’ve got a great spin. Because they’re oil impregnated bronze they are virtually maintenance free although you can maintain them over time if you want them to be a little bit slicker again.

The coating technology has increased substantially in the last few years. Where we used to coat with oxide to make a black coating and then later on black zinc (both of them highly susceptible to rust or corrosion, even within days or weeks if not completely treated with oil and maintained) we now use black hard chrome. Hard chrome is measured in the thousandths of an inch, whereas normal decorative chrome is measured in the millionths of an inch. So automatically you’ve got a coating that’s a thousand times quicker, which will last a long long time. This is the best corrosion resistance available to us right now.

Aesthetically, the Nitro One is legit. Black on black is just purely badass. We’ve put these designer little rubber rings on the barbell purely so that you can see this is a quality product from Industrial Athletic.

Also some of the really key useable features are that it is an incredibly elastic and strong steel – 195,000 PSI – which makes it very much unbendable through normal use. Also it’s got a very nice whippy feel even under low weights. No centre nurling so you don’t chew up your throat and chest in use, and dual markings so we’ve got IPF and IWF marks.

All round if you’re looking for a bar that is going to do everything you need it to but not be a specialist bar, the Nitro One is definitely for you.