Strength Band 5 Pack - 45mm - Industrial Athletic

Strength Band 5 Pack - 45mm

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Strength Band 5 Pack 45mm

Industrial Athletic resistance bands give you the ability to add assistance, resistance and mobility to your training plan. They’re a key item to have for stretching in warm-ups and cool-downs, for pull up progression and banded squats, deadlifts or bench presses. Buy resistance bands from Industrial Athletic individually, in sets or in bulk packages.

Industrial Athletic dual colour bands are stronger, smoother and more durable than ever, and are now constructed from a more natural latex rubber. You’ll have more confidence in their longevity and the hairs on your legs just may thank you.


15mm Orange/Black 15 to 50 lbs
20mm Purple/Black 25 to 80 lbs
30mm Red/Black 50 to 120 lbs
45mm Grey/Black 60 to 150 lbs
65mm Yellow/Black 120 to 200 lbs
100mm Blue/Black 160 to 300 lbs







  • Due to the light resistance that this band can withstand, the warranty will be void if used for dead-lift resistance or pullup/muscle up progressions
  • Recognisable two-tone colour coding for easy identification
  • 2080 x 45 x 4.5 mm
  • 100% natural latex rubber


  • Always inspect bands for cuts, nicks and abrasions before use
  • Bands should not be stretched to more than double their entire length
  • Avoid looping bands onto abrasive or knurled surfaces - this means aggressive pull-up bars
  • Bands are latex rubber - ensure the band is gradually stretched and warmed up before intensive use
  • If in doubt - do not use in case of sudden failure. Feel free to contact us for consultation
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Our Customer Say


So the benefit that I had with going with Industrial Athletic is they've been involved with a lot of fit-outs from start to finish, the professionalism and the experience. There's no other choice, they're at the top of their game.

Chris Burke - Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit Metal Zone

To get the quality of gear that can handle a high amount of usage, especially when you've got a particular budget to start with, you need to know it's going to last you and it's going to be fit for the use you'll put it through. Make sure you've got something that you are proud of, you're happy with, and is going to last is really critical.

Simon Thomas - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Canterbury Rugby

If you want gear thats going to do the job and do it well and it's going to last, than I'd definitely say 'spend the money on it', and I'd definitely recommend Industrial Athletic because it ticks all the boxes when it comes to gym equipment

Johnny Leo'o - Strength & Conditioning Coach
St Thomas of Canterbury College

I didn't really look around too much to be honest. I have a good idea of what's out there and have dealt with a few different vendors. So it was a bit of a no-brainer for me - it was a trust thing. I knew the products were good quality, and I knew the service I was going to get from Rob was good and I could trust him.

Jan Reyneke - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Saint Kentigern College